Rare Breeds Standards

This is the most extensive archives of Rare Breeds Standards available on the internet (if not anywhere in the English language!). All standards are current and we are supplying the best translations to English that are available.

I have put this page together to allow for easier printouts by visitors even tho many of these standards are already available in the seperate breed sections of the UltraRare site.

Now then, most of you are aware that the National Pigeon Association has attempted to crack down on the dissemination of breed standards and other pigeon related materials so they can corner a market to charge you, the fancier, for this information. This has gone to the point that they issued a string of threats and attempted to bully the Cedar Valley Lofts site, tho proved to be full of hot air simply because they know, that we know, that noone holds copyrights over breed standards in the English language. In otherwords, these standards fall under the holdings of
Public Domain and can be reproduced and even published for profit at complete liberty by anyone. That is the legal reality.

Many of these standards are not otherwise available in the English language and were specially
translated by myself, Thomas Hellmann of Germany, Kazys Scherbatov of Russia and others
specifically for my research archives.

Feel free to reproduce them at liberty and don't let anyone tell you that you can't. Afterall,
they belong to you, the breeders.

Flying Breeds:
American Flying Tumbler
Arad Barred Highflier
Archangel White Trjasuni
Baku Tumbler
Bokhara Tumbler
Boston Blue Tumbler
Breslau SF Tumbler
Bucharest Ciung Highflier
Budapest Kiebitz Tumbler
Craiova Tumbler
Damascene (American Variant)
Danish Tumbler
Danzig Highflier
Dewlap (American Variant)
European Komorner Tumbler
Flying Oriental Roller
German Kazaner Tumbler
Grivuni (Permski, Odessa & Yekaterinagradski)
Hindi Fantail
Jassy Tumbler
Kazan Trjasuni
Kiev Tumbler
Kiskenfelegyhaza Tumbler
Lebanon (American type)
London Muffed Flying Tumbler (English Saddleback)
New York Flying Baldy
North American Highflying Roller
North Caucasian Statnije (Poltava)
Novi Sad SF Tumbler
Parlor Tumbler/Roller
Peking Spot Highflier
Portuguese Tumbler
Riga Tumbler
Romanian Magpied Beard Tumbler
Romanian Naked Neck
Romanian Whitetailed Highflier
Rostov Statnije
Rzhevski Startailed Turmani
Serbian Highflier (Belgradski)
Shaksharli Tumbler (Sherazi)
Show Bronze Tipplet

Color & Field Pigeons:
Archangel (Gimpel)
Ice Pigeon (CL & Muffed)
Saxon Breast

Utilitarian Pigeons:

American Giant Rumbler

Voice Breeds:

Bokhara Trumpeter

Bavarian Pouter
Bohemian Pouter
Brunner Pouter
Colliano Pouter
Old Dutch Capuchine
Dutch Cropper
English Show Homer (American Variant)
English Carrier
Gaditano Pouter
German Elster Pouter
German Beauty Homer
Ghent Pouter
Gorguero Pouter
Hana Pouter
Holle Cropper
Laudino Pouter
Lille Pouter
Marchanero Pouter
Norwich Cropper
Old German Cropper
Old German Owl
Pigmy Pouter
Pomeranian Pouter
Rafeno Pouter
Reversewing Pouter
Saxon Pouter
Silesian Pouter

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