Perm Grivuni Highflier

Origin: Russia. Bred in the city of Perm since at least the beginning of the 1800's as a highflying race.

Head: Relatively small, slightly flattened on top and without edges. Always free of ornaments.

Eyes: Bull. Placed slightly in front of the center of the head. Cere fine and light.

Beak: Medium length. Light in color with a fine cere.

Neck: Medium length. Strong and wide at the base.

Breast: Broad, rounding and prominent.

Back: Wide and sloping.

Wings: Strong and nearly reaching the tail tip. Carried atop the tail.

Tail: Medium in length. The normal tail of 12 retrices.

Legs: Medium with light colored toe nails. Free of feathers.

Plumage: Soft and smoothly fitting.

Colors: Red, Black, Blue and Yellow.

Color and Markings: The basic color is white. In the lower neck region and upper shoulder region is a colored patch in either a triangle or oval and looking like a  bell from the side.

Odessa Grivuni

These are like those above, but coming with grouse legs. This type is especially favored in around the city of Odessa.

Yekaterinagrad Grivuni

This type is favored throughout the Urals and is said to bear origin with the breeder Misha Rubinov of Yekaterinagrad in the 19th century and is like the above, but with bell shaped grouse legs, a wide tail of 14 to 16 retrices which is somewhat arched and the wings below the tail.

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