Standard Of The Boston Blue Tumbler

Origin: USA. Created in the city of Boston and the surrounding areas during the period of 1905-1910
by crossing together Egri Blue Highfliers, Budapest Blues and a bloodline of Blue Barred Tipplers.

Head: Semi cubical with rounded edges.

Neck: Medium in length and stout at the base, tapering towards the head. Shaking very lightly when the bird is excited.

Eye: Glass type pearl with a small black pupil. Iris as light as possible and preferably free of granules or
apparent blood vessels.

Beak: Medium short. Dark in color and straight set.

Wings: Strong and powerful without gaps in the plumage. Wing butts prominent and shaking when the bird is excited. Carried atop the tail.

Breast: Small and very powerish, showing girth through the chest with optium muscle development.

Tail: 12 compactly held retrices. Tail medium in length.

Legs: Short and free of plumage. The bird should stand on its tip toes and tripping on the tips when excited.

Colors & Markings: Blue Barred Selfs and also dilutes.

Band Size: "A" band

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