North Caucasian Statnije

(Poltava Katschuni Statnije)
Translation from German by Tatiana Scherbatov

Origin: Russia. Breeding region north of the Caucasus.

General Impression: Medium sized. A compact pigeon of low carriage and a prominent
chest. The wings are carried below the tail. Slightly trembling neck, muffed and of a tame disposition.

Head: Broad domed frontal. Top of head slightly flat. Shellcrested, with or without rosettes.

Eyes: Bull. Ceres fine and light in color.

Beak: Barely medium length and light in color. Birds with a frontal blaze may have a
dark upper mandible. Cere small and of a smooth texture.

Neck: Emerging fully from the body and slightly narrowing as it reaches toward the head. Slightly bent backwards and trembling when excited.

Chest: Broad, well rounded and prominent.

Back: Wide, very short and hollow.

Wings: Short and carried close underneath the tail.

Tail: Broader than the chest. Flat to slightly arched. Without gaps and consisting of at
least 14 retrices. Pulled toward the body when the bird is excited.

Legs: Short, broadly based tight muffs of medium length and well developed points.

Plumage: Broad, short, soft and tightly feathered.

Varieties: White with a black tail.

Color and Markings: White, save the tail, which is colored. With or without a small colored blaze. A few white support feathers (wedge) are permitted.

Grave Faults: Small, long body structure. High or too narrowly carried body. Lacking the trembling neck. Narrow tail or one with gaps that is carried too low. Fewer than 14
retrices. Flat frontal. Too long of beak.  Narrow or poor crest showing gaps. Poor muffs and points. Too much white in support (wedge) feathers.

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