Romanian WhiteTailed Highflier

Origin: Southern Romania. Created in the last half of the 19th Century. The breed
was recognized in Germany in 1975.

General Impression: Medium sized, low stationed, medium faced, clean legged and
plain headed. A hallmark feature of the breed is the white tail of 12 to 16 retrices.

Head: Nearly square shaped, but with rounded edges. Wide and steep frontal. Always

Eyes: Pearl colored with a double circled eye cere, which according to color varies from pale to bluish gray.

Beak: Nearly medium length and a bit down faced. Reds and yellows have a light horn
color beak, otherwise black.

Neck: Of medium length. Slightly bent.

Breast: Wide. A bit prominent.

Back: Long. Sloping.

Wings: Long. Carried on the tail.

Tail: 12 to 16 feathers. A bit loose and forming a descending line with the back and nearly touching the ground. Oil gland is lacking.

Legs: Short to medium (maximum) and free of feathers.

Plumage: Rather long, but still fitting tightly to the body.

Colors: Black, Blue Barred, Red and Yellow.

Colors and Markings: All colors intense and clear. Shiny. Tail, tail coverts and fluff
white. The rest of the plumage is colored. A bit of white behind and on the inside of
the legs is tolerated.

Grave Faults: Body too weak. High station. Totally round head. Beak too long. Impure
or dull colors. Colored tail feathers. White belly.

Judging Order: General Impression - Shape and station of body - head, beak and color
the eyes - markings.

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