American Flying Tumbler

ORIGIN: USA, the city of Portland, Oregon. Developed by the late Gus C. Lichtenwald from American Rollers.
HEAD (10 pts.): High in front.

BEAK (7 pts.): Thin and dove-like. Shaped not long but pleasant faced.

EYES (10 pts.): Pearl white, clear, prominent.

NECK (7 pts.): Short and of a sudden taper.

BREAST (12 pts.): Full and prominent.

BACK (18 pts.): Short and wide at front when viewed from above.

BODY (26 pts.):  Full at shoulders, short in back, tapering back to a narrow stern, size medium to small (9 ounces and under), body round and plump forming a triangular shape when viewed from above.

LEGS AND FEET (10 pts.):  Of moderate length and rather small for the bird.

COLOR AND MARKINGS: Selts in: White, red, black, yellow, blue, silver. Rosewings in: Black, red, yellow.  Mottles in:  Black, red, yellow. Whitesides in: Black, red, yellow, blue. Saddles in: Black, red, yellow, blue, silver. Badges in: Black, red, yellow, blue, silver. Beards in:  Black, red, yellow, blue, silver. Baldheads in: Black, red, yellow, blue, silver. Belinecks in: All colors. Almonds in: Almond and sub colors.

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