Shaksharli Tumbler

Head:Fairly large, round, full in front with a strong profile. The skull frontal is round and proud, moderately flat on the top, and sweeping around to a bowed back of neck.
Gullet & Neck:Full

Wattle:Chalky white, smooth, and moderate in size.

Eyes:Bull or pearl.

Body:Fairly small, solid, broad breast, good wing span, bold, proud,and upright stance. Flights carried on the tail. Weight; about 12-13 ounces. Neck held perpendicular to the ground with the back and tail at a 45 degree angle.

Color:Red, yellow, which is ash red and yellow; black and dun; blue and silver; red bar and cream bar; and bronze and sulfur. Intensity of color is important.

Markings:Body is colored; white head and neck to the breast line, and in back to a line at the shoulder. Front and back should meet in an even pattern. They have a patch of color on each cheek called "cheek patches" and on the top of the head which is called a "skull patch". The cheek patch should be equal size. The skull patch should not touch the cheek patches. All marking should fit the size of the head, as not to be overbearing. A patch of white on the rump is to be white in color about the size of a silver dollar. The feet should be slightly feathered and colored with the toes fringed in white.

Condition:Alert, jaunty, good health, with no sign of parasites.

Disqualifications:None, as they are a flying pigeon.

Gross Faults:Red, orange, or chacked eyes; wings carried below the tail; white flights; white on the front marking extending below the breast line under the belly to the legs; muffed over 1 1/2"; clean legs; no cheek or skull marking on the head.

Minor Faults:Cheek markings of unusual size, skull patch extending down the back of the neck. No white on the toes, crest and nasal tufts are an ornament and should not deduct points.

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