Lebanon Standard

Size:All varieties to be the same size, Large Similar to that of the size of the Dewlap. Some varieties are smaller and consideration might be given to the not so popular varieties. However, those breeding the smaller birds, those breeding the smaller birds are encouraged to increase their size.

Head:Always smooth headed, fairly large with skull frontal.

Beak: Strong, of medium length, flesh colored in reds and yellows, dark in all others.

Eyes:Dark orange.

Neck:Full, possibly with a dewlap showing. Showing some relationship to the dewlap, not as well pronounced.

Breast:Wide, carried uplifted.

Wings:Strong, close fitting to the body. Flights resting on the tail.

Tail:In proportion, 1/2 longer than the flights.

Legs:Strong, Clean-Legged, of Medium Length

Plumage:Tight fitting.

Colors:This is the Syrian Colored Pigeon, Color is important, markings are important. English and Syrian Names are given below for Color: Self-black (aswad) , Red (ahmar) , Yellow (asfar)Shicki Red (ahmar) with whitish tail-band and tips of flights Yellow (asfar) with whitish tail-band and tips of flights.Black (aswad) with wing bars and varying amounts ofwhite laceing in the flights and tailfeathers, with a white crescent mark on the breast.Blue(azraq) with broad white wings bars, tail and flight feathers have somewhite.Mishmishi light blue, with white wing bars(similar to blue- white barred Blondinettes)Bayramli Blue(azraq) blue laced with spot tail.Blue (aswad) blue, very dark, wings laced, but bodyand tail feathers solid color.Umari black or blue with bronze checker or bronze wing bars.


Faults :Too weak, narrow body, long thin beak, poor color, short legs, bad markings, bronzing in bars and checks. (except Umari).

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