Translated from German by Tatiana Scherbatova

ORIGIN: Russia. Developed in the Volga-Don area and named for the city of Rostov.

GENERAL IMPRESSION: Nearly medium sized, low and stocky pigeon with a prominent breast and a gracious appearance.

HEAD: Small, round and with a wide and high forehead. Self color birds are without crests. White Breasted birds are with or without crests.

EYES: Pearl in color (including the whites). Cere fine and well visible.

BEAK: Nearly medium length and stout. Down faced. Light in color. The blacks, blues and silver birds are allowed a slight stain. Cere small and smoothly refined.

NECK: Wide at the base and tapers toward the head. Bent backwards and trembles heavily when excited.

BREAST: Wide, well rounding and carried high.

BACK: Wide, very short and hollow.

WINGS: Short and carried beneath the tail.

TAIL: Wider than the breast, flat and without gaps. No less than 14 retrices. When excited pulled toward the body.

LEGS: Short with muffs.

PLUMAGE: Wide, not too long and tight fitting.

COLORS: White, Red, Yellow, Blue Barred, Silver, White Breasted Black.

COLOR AND MARKINGS: All colors are rich, full and even. The Silvers have light primaries and retrices. The White Breasts are white with a colored head and medium length bib, inseam of creast, wings, back, tail and support feathers, and muffs

GRAVE FAULTS: Small, long body. Tail too high. Lacking neck trembling. Domed or too low of tail. Gaps in tail. Less than 14 retrices. Long and too small of head. Thin or long beak. Lacking feathers, crooked or gaps in the crest of the White Breasts. Naked toes. Heavy mismarking.

JUDGEMENT: General Impression-Type and posture-Tail-Head and Neck Muffs-Color and markings.

Band Size: "H" Band.

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