Gaditano Pouter

ORIGIN: The southern most part of Spain. It was formerly known as the Jerazano but was renamed the Gaditano (for the city of Cadiz). It is also a descendant of the Colitejo.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: An active and perky pouter of medium size with a well formed and rounded globe.


HEAD (10 pts.): Ram or almond shaped. Long and eliptical without heavy wattle development.

EYES (5 pts.): Deep red or orange in all colors but pieds and whites. These have bull eyes. Fine eye ceres in all colors.

BEAK (5 pts.): Short and slightly curved. Fine triangular wattles.

GLOBE 20 pts.): Round and well inflated, yet the head should always be visible.

BODY (20 pts.): Wedge-shaped; back should be flat with a profusely feathered rump; strong wide wings which rest on the tail without the tips crossing.

TAIL (15 pts.): Short and two feathers in width. Slight scoop is allowed.

FEET AND LEGS (10 pts.): Medium length of limb with finely formed feet.

COLOR (15 pts.):  All colors are allowed. Feather should be rich, abundant, and soft and spongy feeling. Color patterns - solid, checked, barred, splashed but never pied marked.

MAJOR FAULTS: Overblown globe or globe where entire head is not visible; globe not well blown; narrow body; short legs; long legs; fine head  like  the  Marchenero;  large  wattle development.

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