Laudino Sevillano Pouter

ORIGIN: Spain. First developed in Valencia in the early 1700's from crosses of the Valencian Pouter with the Magana Homer by a Franciscan friar, Antonio Llaud; hence its name Laudino. Later it was further developed in Seville in this century by fanciers there who crossed it with Rafeno Pouters and Gorguero Pouters.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Powerful ram-shaped head with strong wattles; broad body with a pear-shaped hanging crop that is creased; well built strong body and strong wings.


HEAD (15 pts.): Strong and powerful. Ram- like (almond-shaped) and curving smoothly.

EYES (5 pts.): Deep, intense red.

EYE CERES (5 pts.): Smooth in texture and not overly developed; pale, yellow color.

BEAK (10 pts.): Well-developed; medium size; thick; curved in harmony with the head shape; bone color.

WATTLES (10 pts.):  Heavy and triangular- shaped; well developed but not excessively so; separated at their highest point; smoothly curving towards the beak.

CHIN WATTLES (5 pts.): Situated under the beak and more developed as the bird matures. Ideally, there are three pea-shaped chin wattles with the middle one being the
largest.   Having only one centrally well developed chin wattle is also accepted.

CROP (15 pts.): Pendulous and large; wider at its base.  Always creased in the center and never dragging the ground.

BODY (10 pts.): Strong, wedge-shaped; alert and upright.

WINGS AND TAlL (5 pts.): Strong wings that are carried above the tail. Tail fairly short and several feathers wide.

LEGS AND FEET (5 pts.):  Medium length clean legs; well-developed strong feet.

COLOR (5 pts.): Smoky blue or black is most common. Also bred in blue bar, blue check, black, and ash red.  Never bred in white or splash.

STYLE AND FEATHER (10 pts.): A proud bearing;  never fearful of other birds;  a conquistador-like personality full of life and eager to conquer other birds with its cooing and ardor. Smooth feather.

SERIOUS FAULTS: Narrow forehead; spindly beak; excessive wattles (Carrier-like);  lack of crop; over-sized crop that drags the ground; weak body; drooped wings; cocks lacking the Conquistador-like temperament; overly heavy bodied birds unable to fly.

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