Craiova Chestnut Tumbler
(Castaniu de Craiova)

Trans. from Romanian by K.D. Spurling

Origin: Romania. Developed in the city of Craiova from Russian and Turkish
tumbler breeds in the 19th Century.

General Impression: Small pigeon with a horizontal station, short feet; plumage rich and long with a very broad tail with a bluish band that is carried erectly.

Head, Eyes and Cere: The head is small without a crest, almost rounded with a high frontal and the skull slightly rounded, almost flat and horizontal. A broad nape. Eyes yellow in color. Double ceres which are flat, light and yellowish.

Beak: Short, wedge shaped, thick, light in color. Cere small, fine and powdery white.

Colors: Even, Chestnut Brown (Castaniu) with a metallic green sheen. The flights have white or bluish spots which give the markings a mirroring effect.

Plumage: Long and rich.

Markings: Selfs, also those with a white collar (Gulerati) or a white crescent (Leftati) on the chest. All have a bluish or white tail bar.

Neck: Relatively long. Swan-like.

Wings: Long, loosely attached and always carried below the tail and nearly touching the ground.

Tail: 14 to 17 retrices which are broad and long. Slightly domed and broad. No oil gland.

Feet: Short and free of feathers.

Carriage and Body: Small body carried horizontally. Broad chest which is rounded. The back is short and hollow. Loose, soft plumage.

Grave Faults: Course. Plump body. Long feet. Narrow tail. Other than yellow eyes.

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