Bokhara Crack Tumbler

Trans. from Russian by K.D. Spurling
Origin: Russia. A race of Boinije (Crack) tumbler named for the city of Bokhara and  believed to be a close relative of the Baku tumblers.

Head: A long oval with a sweeping forehead. Always shellcrested, with or without rosettes. With or without a flat, circular beak crest or eyecrests.

Eyes: Pearl in color. Bull in whites or birds with much white.

Beak: Medium length with a fine cere.

Neck: Strong at the shoulders and tapering towards the head.

Breast: Powerish. Slightly prominent.

Wings: Strong and long with the tips sitting atop the tail. Wingbutts powerish and prominent.

Tail: Long and composed of 12 to 16 strong retrices.

Legs: Medium. Grouse legged to the point of nearly reaching the toe tips or profusely muffed.

Colors and Markings: Black, Dun, Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver, White, Almond, Ash Red, Cream, Milky, Ice and Opal factored in Selfs, Grizzles, Grivuni (Bellnecked), Baldhead, White Flighted, Whitetailed, Colortailed, Collared, Splashed and unorthodox.

Remark: As this breed is nearly exclusively a flying performing pigeon, little emphasis is placed on color and markings.

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