Romanian Magpied Beard Tumbler

Origin: Romania. Particularly in Timisoara. Created in the 1960's by crossing Romanian and Russian tumbler breeds. Recognized in Germany in 1973.

General Impression: Medium sized compact, nearly horizontal. Unique magpie markings. Lively, yet tame.

Head: Well rounded. Broad frontal.

Eyes: Pearl. Cere light to flesh colored.

Beak: Of medium length. Strong at the base. Blunt angle angle toward the forehead.
Flesh colored with a stip allowed.

Chest: Broad, well rounded and slightly prominent.

Legs: Of medium length, clean or stockinged. Toenails light.

Neck: Of medium length and relatively strong. Well rounded throat.

Back: Broad shoulders. Carried almost horizontal.

Tail: 13-16 retrices. Loose and slightly arched without gaps.

Wings: Carried next to the tail in a horizontal fashion.

Plumage: Well devoloped, but tight.

Colors: Black and Red. Colors clean and intense. White are the wings, except the shoulders, white is the beard and the feathering of the feet. The remainder is colored.

Severe Faults: A body that is too narrow and too long. High carriage. Muff points when clean legged. A beak which is too long. White in the plumage of the vent or wedge. Poor beard or shoulder markings. White in the head.

Judging Order: General Impression - Body type and carriage - Markings and color -
Head - Eye color - Beak - Feet.

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