Novi Sad SF Standard

Translated from Serbian to English By Saso Petkovski.

Color: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Dun, Blue black Bar, Silver black Bar. Tigered in: Black, Yellow and Red. Also comes in a variety of magpie colors.

Head: Short with high,wide and rounded forhead. Head length measured horizontal from the beak up around the head to the base of the skull should be: 22-28 mm. Head hight measured from the beak opening vertical to the top of the beak should be at least : 14mm and head width measured by the forehead should be about :20mm. Back part of the head is longer then the forehead.

Eye: Big, iris white with small black pupil. Eye ceres whitish -yellow colored. On white birds only both the iris and the pupil are pure black.

Beak: Short and wide, set little down with whitish yellow color. In Black and sometimes Red birds on the top of the beak is a small black dot. Beak length from the base to the tip should be no longer then: 14mm and no shorter than 10mm. Beak width measured from one side of the base across to the other side should be at least 9mm.

Crest: Low set, good formed and rounded.

Body: Neck short and the width is evenly proportioned to the chest. Chest good sized , well developed and nicely rounded. Body length measured from the base of the head to the end of the tail should be 23-25 Cm. Chest width together with the wings should be 9-12 Cm. The tail is medium length , a little longer than the wings. Wings short and thight against the body and rest on the top of the tail.

Legs: Short, bright red and free of feathers. Toe nails the color of the beak.

Faults: Long, pointed,thin or stained beak (not including the black dot), Big and incorrectly formed head, Long legs, Red eye ceres, Long and wide tail, Tolong of a body , Small chest and poorly formed crest.

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