Bucharest Ciung
Trans. by K.D. Spurling

Origin: Romania. Believed to have originated with the breeder Ciungu at Bucharest
in the mid 19th century as a high-flier.

General Impression: Medium sized. Rather low carriage and relatively long plumage.

Head: Gently domed. Not too narrow. Smooth.

Eyes: Pearl. As clear as possible. Ceres narrow and barely noticeable.

Beak: Barely medium length and slightly descending. Horn colored to dark in Reds. Light to horn colored in Yellows. Cere small.

Neck: Medium and slightly bending backwards.

Chest: Medium broad, barely protruding.

Back: Medium long, slightly descending.

Wings: Relatively long. Flights are carried loosely under the tail or on the sides of the tail.

Tail: Long, broad and flat. 14 to 16 retrices. Carried as horizontal as possible. Oil gland is lacking.

Legs: At best medium; rather short and clean.

Plumage:  Feathers relatively long.

Colors: Red, Yellow and Mealy.

Color and Markings: An intense Brown-Red or Yellow. Belly colored throughout. Back light. Flights and tail light towards the tips (not blue gray) with among cocks, as few Black specks as possible. Mealies with Brown-Red chest and bars. As well, the wing shields are as clean as possible. Red or yellow finch markings permitted.

Severe Faults: Coarse. Unproportioned body. High carriage. A beak which is too long. Wings dragging on the floor. Tail carriage higher than horizontal. Fewer than 14 retrices. Muted color. Flights or tail retrices a blue gray.

Judging Order: General Impression - Body Form -  Carriage of wings and tail - Carriage - Color.

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