Meyor Tumbler

Meyor Tumbler (Spurling archives)

The Meyor Tumbler
By K.D. Spurling

The Meyor Tumbler is an obscure breed of relatively recent American origin originating in the city of
Salt Lake City, Utah.

The origin of this breed begins in the Summer of 1968 with the death of William H. Pensom of Canoga Park, CA
(formerly of Birmingham, Britain) who while best known as a fancier of Birmingham Rollers, was also a noted fancier of Tipplers, Modenas, Thailand Laughers, Parlors and Racing Homers. Upon Pensom's death in June of that year, his neighbor, the late Howard McCulley (formerly of Portland, OR, but who in 1955 moved next door
to Pensom) managed Pensom's estate sale.

A Mr. Meyor of Salt Lake City purchased a fair number of Pensom's Tipplers (these birds originated with the famous George Storey of Newcastle, Britain during the 30's) and relocated them to his loft. Meyor bred several
birds from these pigeons which executed singular tumbles which is easily explained by the fact that the British Tippler is technically an endurance flying tumbler; in fact, the origin of the name "Tippler" stems from the word
"tipple" which was part of the old Sheffield dialect and meant "to tumble". Consequently, in the old days, Tipplers
which exhibited varying degrees of tumbling ability were not uncommon and it is generally understood that the
Macclesfield fanciers crossed in Cumulets to their birds in an effort to stamp this ability out. Meyor, opposed to culling these tumbling Tipplers as any good Tippler fancier would do, selected and cultivated them into a tumbling
strain of Tipplers which became the Meyor Tumbler.

In type and markings, the Meyor Tumbler is identical to a common Tippler, but roll distances of 5 to 10 feet
while flying at extreme altitudes for 8 to 12 hours endurance.

This breed is one of the genuine unknowns of the Tumbler family and has only a small handfull of followers.

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