Select Rare Breed Links

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           (Mike Ridler's fantastic All Breed site. This is the best site on the web today and I can take alot of
            pride in having helped to make it that way. Mike has tons of photos, articles, standards, links, message
            boards, a free newsletter, vet advice, breeding advice, pigeon software and so on. You name it, you'll
            find it. Don't settle for the imitations who claim to have the most expansive site on the web. If you are
            going to have a favorite site, this is the one you want).

(This is my first SE-Russian Breed site)

Russia II
(This is my second SE-Russian site)

North American Highflying Rollers
(This is my site devoted to North America's Oldest Native Breed)

Turkish Tumblers
(Kurt Gursu's awesome site for Takla & other Mid-East Breeds)

Adel Salem's Swifts
(Adel Salem's new page for Egyptian Swifts)

Pigeons In Russia
(Yuri Schaposhnikov's site coming in out of Moscow)

Houras Lofts
(Egyptian Swifts)

Cleopatra Lofts
(Michel Phares' Egptian Swifts out of Montreal, Canada)

Extreme Tauben
(Uwe Seeger's site from Germany featuring assorted flying rares)

(Paul Maywald's Wutas)

SE-Russe Photo Gallery
(Gallery no longer available on "Russia Station")

International Bokhara Trumpeter Club
(This is the nicest specialty club site anywhere)

Stettiner Tumblers
(Johnny Ajluni's Loft site featuring Stettiners, Berliners & Vienna MF)

Society Of Preservational Pigeon Fliers
(On-Line Resources for rare and abstract flying breeds)

Performing Pigeons Of The Netherlands
(Site for the Netherlands Flying Club. Info. on various rares. In Dutch)

German Highflying Club (DHC)
(Site for the German Highfliers Club. Info on various rares. In German)

Louis Partoun's Roller Page
(Site for rare performing tumblers. In Dutch)

Belgian Roller Club
(Site for the Belgian Roller Club. Sponsoring varying performing breeds. In Dutch)

Danish Flying Club
(Site for the Danish Flying Club. In Danish)

Verbands Deautscher RasseTauben Zuechter
(Germany's NPA Homepage. In German & English)

Scott Sharp's HomePage
(English SF Tumbler page by this famous Scottish breeder)

Ghent Pouter
(Site featuring Ghent Pouters out of Belgium. Avail. in multiple languages)

Stralsunder Highfliers
(In German)

SVD von RingSchlaeger Tauben
(German club for Ringbeaters)

SVD Coburger Lerchen Zuchter
(German Club for Coburg Larks)

SVD Zuchter Portugiuscher Tummler
(German club for Portuguese Tumblers)

SV Aachener BandKropfer
(German site devoted to Aachen Band Croppers)

Shield Owl Hobby Page
(John Van Veen's site from Canada featuring Old German Owls)

Palomos Deportivos
(Daniel Herrera Cardenes' page devoted to Spanish Sporting Pouters)