Low Cost Pigeon Web Sites

So you want to get up to date like everyone else and get your birds on the internet? You and everyone else, it seems ...

For this reason, I am now offering my services to fanciers worldwide who have the desire to put their loft on-line, but don't want to spend BIG BUCKS accomplishing it by hiring a proffessional web designer. While I don't claim to be a proffessional web page designer or a master of HTML,
I have had some major successes building sites.

Basic Loft Site:

For $50 I can build you a basic loft featuring your loft information,
basic breed information (standard & breed synopsis), your choice
photos, guestbook and your favorite pigeon links.  Additionally, I offer services which no other pigeon site designer offers in the form of submitting your site to over 40 search engines, promoting it by e-mail
and also obtaining links to your site through other sites, as well as adding
existing Pigeon Webrings to your site.

Advanced Loft Site:

For $100 I can build you a site featuring all of the above, but with the
addittion of extensive information resources on your breed. This is especially suited for clubs and those individuals who have a desire to
stamp their mark onto the pigeon world. Having one of the largest
pigeon information archives in the world today, I am in a position to
provide the extensive literature for your site that will make it the mecca
of your breed.

If interested, please e-mail at:  russiastation@netscape.net

Below you can use links to view some examples of my work, some pigeon
related, some not.

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